Investment Philosophy

In today’s increasingly complex investment environment, investors are presented with a seemingly endless variety of asset classes and underlying strategies. Mann Bioinvest believes the one unremitting consideration for investors should be the quality of investment returns in the context of risk and portfolio diversification.  

As it is unlikely that any investment advisor will be best-of-breed across multiple asset classes or sectors, we believe specialist knowledge and focus is key to delivering quality returns.  By solely focusing on the life science sector, a sector underpinned by science and innovation, our expertise and knowledge is what sets Mann Bioinvest apart.

As an expert in the life science sector our founding premise is implicit in our analysis of the sector.  We have identified the sector as one with vast implications for the global economy and substantial potential for growth.  More specifically, we are convinced that the life science sector is entering a secular growth phase that will eclipse the 'golden age' of pharmaceutical drug development in the 1990's.

Following on from this, we seek to identify opportunities within the sector which display characteristics such as superior products, above average growth prospects or promising therapeutic pipelines while generally avoiding early stage assets with binary outcomes.  However, we are cognisant that these characteristics alone are not sufficient to arrive at an investment decision without considering them in the context of valuation.

The final step in our anaylsis process is recognising when an opportunity has played out which can be triggered by a wide variety of events. Importantly, we will advise on the exit of a position when a company trades above what we view as its intrinsic value.