About Us

Mann Bioinvest is an expert in the life science sector. Based in the Isle of Man, the company was established to service sophisticated clients seeking advice on the life science sector.

Founded in 2012 by renowned investor and entrepreneur Jim Mellon, Mann Bioinvest invests exclusively in the life science sector.

We believe that over the coming decade the life science sector will be leading one of the most meaningful periods of scientific discovery and advancement. This period of development has been underpinned by two seminal moments - the discovery of the structure of DNA and the sequencing of the human genome; the latter occurring nearly 50 years after the former. Subsequent breakthroughs stemming from the discovery of DNA will give new hope to those with certain diseases who relatively recently would have had none.  These breakthroughs are coinciding with a period in which the world’s population is undergoing the most ubiquitous and rapid aging in its history. This, we believe, will lead to the life science sector gaining new prominence and that the biggest successes in the sector will ultimately dwarf the likes of Apple, Exxon and BHP that are the current colossi of the stock market.

Our investment philosophy is coherent - having identified a sector underpinned by irrefutable fundamental trends that will persist in the long term, we have the opportunity to provide generate excess returns.  We are keen to work with those that share our foresight and appreciate the implications of the revolution taking place in the life science sector.